Max's Comedy-Magic Show
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(May include the following routines. Every show is unique. Expect magical surprises!)  


Max welcomes his audience, but runs into some difficulty figuring out what to do with his hat, then his bag, then, his hat again. Max finds a happy solution only a clown could imagine. And on with the show…



Max turns a simple classic of children’s magic into a Vaudeville extravaganza, featuring the brash young comedy team, Max & Friend. With hysterical complications on the way, Max & Friend, perform a color- & pattern-change effect—two solid color handkerchiefs magically become spotted—but not before narrowly averting an all-out audience riot. (Features 1 volunteer)


Find the Lady

Max invites a young lady to the stage, where they search for the Queen of Hearts hiding in an image of 5 playing cards. No matter where they search, the Lady cannot be found, 'till a bit of magic reveals the Lady big-time! (Features 1 volunteer)


Max’s Really Big Magic Trick

Starry-eyed, Max puts all his hopes for stupendous show-biz success into this, his Really Big Magic Trick. But, things go horribly wrong. Despite Max’s wizardly warning to never do the magic too soon, his young assistant can’t stop: first, shrinking a magical wand to smaller than a peanut; then, making it fly apart as Max dives for cover. The arrival of the littlest helper restores order, and the magic builds to its peak: 3 silk handkerchiefs (orange, blue, turquoise) magically become beautiful, long, multi-color streamer silks. Yet, Max still doesn’t realize his moment of triumph is upon him. That is, until his young assistants point it out to him. A joyous celebration ensues. An unexpected, sweet and joyous twist to a standard of magic. (Features 2 volunteers)


The Big Finish

At last, it’s time for the Big Finish! With awesome fanfare, Max introduces The Greatest Jugglers in all NY/NJ. Max’s young assistants stand side-by-side, each holding a stick vertically. To awe-struck gasps and general amazement, Max reveals The Spinning Plate of Death. Max spins the SPD (that’s short for Spinning Plate of Death) on the tip of his stick. It is handed, tip-to-tip, down the line until it reaches the very last child, who is in fact, The Big Finish. (Features 3-4 volunteers)

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FAMILY BASIC (most popular package)
Max Comedy-Magic Show (30-Minutes) &
Balloon Art Hysteria (30-Minutes)
Juggling Workshop (30-Minutes)

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Max Comedy-Magic Show (30-, 45-Minutes)

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Balloon Art Hysteria (Basic or Deluxe Balloons)
Improvisational Comedy (Walk-around)
Trivia Genius (Walk-around)
Face Painting (by Mary Lynn)